About Us

The Dr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild

The Festival of Trees was created to design, decorate and auction Christmas trees to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital. Over the years, we have generated over $11 million to benefit Uncompensated Care.

Our talented membership includes artists, decorators, professionals, floral designers, jewelry designers and craftsmen. Many have designed for Seattle’s most prestigious clients; creating for VIPs, dignitaries and royalty.

All of our guild members donate their time and expertise because of their dedication to Seattle Children's.

Today we attract interested women from all over the Puget Sound area who love to design and/or decorate unique Christmas trees and other holiday items. Contact Us if you are interested in joining our



Guild Members

Nancy Allenfort Patti Lauer   
Linda Baker      Pam MacDonald
Jan Bogaard Tiffany Malich
Freddi Bolinger Teri Mann
Melissa Britton-Simmons Lorene Martin
Janis Carlson Lynne McDonough
Barbara Carlton Tara Michaels
Linda Carr    Jackie Moore    
Sandy Cozzetto Leslie Moore
Julie Creighton   Linda Mullin
Linda Crothers  Irene Nash 
Daphne Darst  Rebecca Puls
Robbi DeVries  Chelsea Ramey 
Elna Duffield Phyllis Rice
Stacie Eckland  Barbara Shupe 
Nancy Firby           Judy Smith 
Dottie Greenwood Rachele Sokulski
Darlene Johnson Mary Spencer
Anneliese Kertson Wendy Stauff
Diane Kester   Loretta Story     
Linda Kling Evie Tolzmann   
Sandra Klug Jean Wedenig  
Jan Kopczynski Rosemary Weimer 
Carrie Larson  Linda Wold 
Dawn Lashley  

Seattle Children's Autism Guild
The Seattle Children's Autism Guild formed in February 2009 to support the opening of the Seattle Children's Autism Center in August of 2009. We are the primary fundraising entity for the center. As of 2011, the guild numbers amongst the top 10 fundraising guilds for Seattle Children's. Guild members include parents of children with autism, caregivers, therapists, friends, family and other community members of those affected by autism. We are committed to The Autism Center's autism awareness, community outreach, supporting our community members and raising funds
for the many programs at The Autism Center.
Guild Members
Cindy Angelo Melody McGinnis
Michael Crystal
 Lindsey Mourer
Andrea Duffield
 Andrea Myers
Dr. David Fisher Julie O'Brien
Peggy Fisher Anna M. Olson
Lisa Iland Hilbert Patty Pacelli
Karen Kaizuka Linda Plaag
Dana MacMurray Susan Steckler
Laurel Marshall Jessie Swofford
Marilee McCorriston Diane Whitfield
Benefiting Seattle Children's Autism Center and uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital.